All group classes are for females ONLY

Class Fees: Mat-based Group Class - $160/class ; Equipment-based Group Class - $230/class 

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Group Classes

Mat-based Group Class

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Pilates Mat

Max no. of participants: 8
Fee: $160/class

This class utilizes your own body weight to challenge the muscles using the Pilates method. You'll learn how to find your alignment and progress through exercises that activate your core and challenge your entire body. This class moves at a moderate to fast pace and will build on fundamental techniques. Small props are used occasionally to add further resistance to muscles.

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Pilates Stretch

Max no. of participants: 8
Fee: $160/class


This class combines the best of two exercise regimes - Pilates and Stretch. It takes the elements of flexibility, stretching and mind-body relaxation of a stretch class and combines them with core strengthening, spine elongating and posture perfecting exercises of Pilates. The combination of both helps you not only achieve a strong, flexible body but it will leave you feeling revitalised in body and mind

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Pilates Barre

Max no. of participants: 4
Fee: $160/class


This class consists of fast-paced full body workouts performing on a ballet barre. It combines Pilates, body-weight training and ballet exercises to strengthen and lengthen your body. This class also often integrate light free weights, exercise balls, glider and/or resistance bands to help tone the muscles. This is a high intensity class with cardio mixed in to give you the added benefits of calorie-burning and muscle toning.


Pilates Suspend

Max no. of participants: 6
Fee: $160/class


This class is an invigorating fusion of  Pilates movements, fat burning cardiovascular exercises, as well as full body strength building to strengthen and tone your body. Compare to traditional Pilates mat work, the suspension TRX straps are designed to challenge your core stability, balance and motor control. This class is suitable for those who are looking for an additional challenge to their existing training routine and a full-body workout. 

Equipment-based Group Class


  • Pilates Reformer Basic  

    • Designed for beginners or regular practitioners who like to go back to the basics. This class flows at a slower pace and will take you through the fundamentals of Pilates techniques and basic reformer exercises and get you acquainted with the Reformer. No previous Pilates experience necessary

  • Pilates Reformer Intermediate

    • Designed for those who want to step up the intensity of their workout and feel ready to learn more advanced Pilates exercises. This class moves at a faster pace and requires a solid working knowledge of the Reformer and Pilates techniques as well as intermediate fitness level

  • Pilates Reformer Multilevel

    • Features a combination of the basic and intermediate Pilates exercises. This class flows at a moderate pace, and instructors may offer progressions or modifications on an individual basis, if needed

Pilates Reformer 

Max no. of participants: 5
Fee: $230/class


The Pilates Reformer uses a combination of springs and pulleys to offer varying resistance to the exercises and helps to isolate and target specific muscle groups. We offer 3 levels of Reformer classes:


This class uses the combination of two Pilates apparatus -- Reformer and Tower to give you a different experience to a regular Reformer-only class.  This class will take you through a series of exercises to challenge your strength, flexibility and balance..It is recommended you have previous experience on the Reformer to join this class.

Pilates Reformer/Tower Combo (Multilevel)

Max no. of participants: 5
Fee: $230/class

This class uses any of the equipment that the teacher decides is beneficial to the individuals in the class, including Reformer, Tower, Chair, Barrel, Arc, etc. It's a great way for all levels to experience various Pilates equipment in the studio. The exercises in this class are highly individualized to cater to each participant's level, training goals and specific needs. If you're looking for more tailored workouts in a group class setting, this class is ideal for you!

Pilates Equipment Mix (Multilevel)

Max no. of participants: 4
Fee: $230/class